Over 25 years of experience in the international wine industry both from a technical point of view and also marketing and sales with an ongoing quest for perfection and knowledge makes Dr. Ariff Jamal an authority on wines and markets from around the world.

Kashmiri / Indian of origin, born in Kenya and educated in Europe, he holds various degrees in Economics and business studies, Production management and a PhD in Chemistry. He is a member of various advisory boards including the Marketing Institute and the Wine School in Burgundy.

Having headed various international companies he chose to pour out his passion and joined the wine trade in the 1990’s.

Ariff has served numerous wineries in France in numerous salaried positions – commercial and technical – when he decided to single out to provide a unique consulting service to young upcoming wineries in difficulty. This was the official birth of TWC – International.

Since then the path has been ever so exciting and unlimited for challenges with on-going projects in the four corners of the globe.

Besides concentrating on two primary European countries, France and Germany and with direct interest in USA – Ariff wishes to now create a stronger hold on wine development in Asia.

Besides making and commercializing wine, Ariff’s strength also lies in Wine Education and training thanks to his teaching role and his advisory responsibilities on international tasting panels. He also writes for a number of international wine trade magazines.

Ariff is based in France and resides in one of the most prestigious wine producing regions – Burgundy with his French wife and three children who are now grown up and independent.

Dr. Ariff Jamal

​Chief Wine Consultant