Marketing and Sales


Research and preparation of a Market Report relating to a client’s production. The accompanying tasting through a client’s range may be a one-off exercise or may be a first step to further joint action.

For a Californian wine producer TWC was requested to develop a market study for penetration into the EMEA market. Through a tasting survey and positioning report backed by a pricing and promotional strategy – the American wines found a comfortable home in the export market.
A reputed holiday resort confronted with an over purchase of wines requested TWC to streamline the wine list and help liquidate stock which was accomplished by promotions and targeted sales – banquet wines and wines by the glass.

Brand building and contributing to the implementation of an existing marketing plan, by advising and assisting on the appointment of label designers, consumer researchers, importers or distributors, including the many details of the launch process. This usually applies where TWC is involved either in the production or selection of the wines.

For selected wine producers TWC joins into the think team to help map out a brand building project which is done both from a product point of view, but also more common as an entity.
TWC is directly associated with 5 star hotel chains devoted to building their wine list and training their staff. TWC is permanently involved in the promotion of the wines on the wine list and creating innovated sales promotions.
TWC works actively in the creation of wine labels adapted for a specific market as well as developing corporate identity with support of company catalogue and web-site.

Marketing-related services, such as translations. This could involve labels, documents, contracts and anything related or necessary in the functioning of a wine business.TWC offers one of the rare expertise of a very high level in various languages including French, English and German to translate documents in a precise and accurate manner destined directly for the wine industry.