Born and brought up in the heart of India - Delhi, at a very young age Prateek Mehra developed a taste for fine global wines in a country where people have a flavor for hard liquor and kingfisher beer. In pursuance of his passion, he made his solid background in theory of wine making and started as technical assistant winemaker in a leading winery in India.

Later on he honed his wine making skills while working on different projects at various positions around the globe over a dozen countries in last 10 years.

Currently handles 30 million litres wine facility with 20,000 tons grape crush capacity in Australia. 

Being Oenophile with hands-on approach to viticulture and winemaking, he mostly relies on his palate but also uses technology to assess his impressions.

After getting extensive skills from both worlds of wine making - old world art in Europe including France, Italy, Spain and new world style in U.S.A and Oceania ,his philosophy is to find a balance of science and tradition in winemaking .

According to him winemaker is an artist with a diverse skill set, intent on creating a beautiful experience that can be bottled and shared.

Prateek Mehra

​Managing Director & Wine Consultant