TWC offers assessment of winery properties being prepared for offer or investment; this includes on-site visits and recommendations for vineyards and wineries. 

  • Various actions were undertaken for investors from the Mauritius islands who were looking for investment opportunities in Asia.
  • TWC is presently engaged in setting up new prospects for wine industry in China. 

Assisting with the implementation of government initiatives which impacts on the international wine industry, originating from agencies and non-governmental organizations. 

  • TWC consults for a cooperative in Burgundy – France for prices of grapes and wine.
  • TWC sat on the advisory board of the Grape growers association of Karnataka -India to evaluate the harvest and determine the kilogram sale price for grapes.
  • Works with International press and European trade bodies on wine industry initiatives.
  • TWC writes for various international trade magazines and deals directly as an advisor to various web-site and blog owners.

Public Relations