Pre-assessment of a production center’s suitability for quality audit, with recommendations to improve or correct problem areas.

  • TWC participated in the ISO 9002 aggregation procedure for a Burgundy wine producer, who today is working towards an ISO 14001 certification.
  • TWC participated in the ISO aggregation procedure for an Indian wine producer.
  • TWC did this for two producers in Nasik (India) who are taken on as suppliers in Europe, provided they could justify HACCP/ISO certification. Procedures were put into place to meet BRC standards.
  • TWC played key role in The Wine Society - Maurya Sheraton  and Connoisseur Wine Diploma program in France.

Assessment and comment on wine styles from an international point of view.

  • TWC partnered with four wineries in the US under the supervision of the Californian Wine Institute to create a selection of wines destined for the Asian retail and luxury market.
  • TWC was invited by the Korea Rural & Territorial Development Institute to hold a seminar on the art of wine making.
  • TWC is an incontestable advisor on the choice of chemical ingredients in the process of wine making and has privileged relations with laboratories in France.


Sourcing or pre-selection of product ranges for retail and HORECA distribution.

  • TWC pre-selected the wine range and advised / trained the buyer, quality assurance department and logistics department, of a major Asian hotel chains for several years. During this time wine sales increased dramatically reflecting on a higher general consumption turn over.
  • TWC provides tailor made training and educational programs for wine knowledge at various levels for staff within the hospitality industry, but also for the service staff within the luxury retail and airline companies.
  • TWC participated in the creation of a sophisticated wine list for 5 star hotel chain and then followed this through from creating relationships with the producers and suppliers through to sale to the end consumer.
  • TWC has helped various producers to source wines outside of their own production.

Wine Assessment -

Selection and Sourcing